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Foods and drinks you should avoid for a perfect smile

Your teeth are progressively losing their natural whiteness? It’s probably because of your diet. Let’s go over some teeth-staining foods and drinks.

1. Tea and coffee

Unsurprisingly, tea and coffee are at the top of the list of beverages you should avoid for keeping a radiant white smile.  They contain caffeine and tannin, two components that damage your tooth enamel. The enamel is going to tarnish and stain faster, or it will erode and reveal a lower layer, called the dentine, which is yellowish. Not very attractive, is it?   

2. Wine

Wine lovers have surely already noticed stains on their teeth after drinking a glass of good red wine.  Why is that?  It’s because of the tannin, that I have mentioned earlier, in tea. This component, made of tannic acid (which explains its name) and of glucose may contribute to the delicious flavour of wine, but it doesn’t do good to your teeth.  

3. Sodas

Sodas… Sugar and acid galore that slowly damage the tooth enamel.  Don’t panic if you are a Coca-Cola addict, you won’t have to forget about it. Just make sure to wash your mouth after.   

4. Ice lollies

Elementary, my dear Watson…. Yup, while you eat ice lollies, it may be fun to see the color of your tongue when you stick it out, but actually, ice lollies also stain your teeth!  


5. Tomato sauce

You might think about it next time you’ll eat pasta with tomato sauce. Tomato sauce is acidic, so it can damage your tooth enamel and tarnish its whiteness.  Moreover, it is full of “chromogenic” components: pigments that fix on the enamel of your teeth. 

6. Soya sauce

A must in any kitchen, but as balsamic vinegar, soya sauce causes stains on teeth.   

7. Curry

This popular spice doesn’t only add colour to your dishes!  

8. Red berries

Although they are healthy and filled with antioxidants, these cute berries we happily add to our pies are teeth-staining

9. Cigarettes

It is well-known that in addition to numerous other negative impacts on our health, nicotine and tar are not good for your teeth. Wanna keep a beautiful bright smile?   That’s an additional reason to quit smoking. 

To keep your teeth white, you don’t have to banish all these elements from your diet.  Just reduce your consumption and brush your teeth regularly! 

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