Everything about teeth whitening

Everything about teeth whitening

I. Theet whitening

A dazzling smile can change your life! Just as pretty clothes or a nice haircut, a beautiful smile boosts your self-confidence. It’s a powerful seduction element in every moments of your life! In addition, smiling helps in reducing stress and it has a real positive effect on your health, while increasing your well-being. Therefore, Keeth encourage you to have a beautiful smile and a good health with its whitening products What about you? Ready to smile?  
There are two types of tooth staining: First, external elements that stain your teeth such as tobacco, coffee or some foods (beet, fruit juice…) It can be removed thanks to descaling followed by a polishing. Keeth activated charcoal whitening powder is perfect to polish your teeth and remove this type of stain Then, the stain induced by the natural yellowing of your teeth through the time. To control this natural stain, our teeth whitening kits are perfect.
Teeth whitening is a treatment that can whiten your tooth enamel. You have to use a whitening gel containing 0,1% of hydrogen peroxide. To let the product, take full effect, it is applied thanks to a removable gutter placed on your teeth for half an hour.
Its is strongly not recommended to persons below 18, pregnant and breastfeeding women. If you have an untreated tooth decay, or a gum disease, the whitening gel can provoke damages on your teeth. Therefore, if you feel any discomfort, stop, and talk to your dentist about it. Before whitening your teeth, it is recommended to descale your teeth and to ask your dentist for advice.
Our professional teeth whitening kits are safe for healthy teeth and gums The hydrogen peroxide content is inferior to 0,1% , in compliance with the current legislation, which means that our gels are perfectly suitable for sensitive teeth.
Teeth whitening is not painful Still, it is possible to feel tooth hypersensibility after the treatment, which is why it is important to talk to your dentist before any teeth whitening. If you feel pain during the teeth whitening, stop it, and talk to your dentist.
It is very expensive at the dentist (between 400 to 800 euros per outpatient session). The whitening gels used by dentist have a higher peroxide content, so the processing time is shorter. Our teeth whitening kits guarantee the same long-lasting result after several uses. With a Keeth kit, you can use the whitening gel 5 times.
A white smile is a matter of impeccable oral hygiene. Brushing your teeth regularly is a good way to remove the dental plaque. It is recommended by dentists to brush your teeth 3 times a day. It is also recommended to descale your teeth once to twice a year, to remove the tartar that remains despite of tooth brushing. A toothbrush can deteriorate quickly and become a breeding ground for bacteria, it is recommended to change your toothbrush every two or three months. Having regular mouthwashes helps to preserve white teeth.
The whitening gel has no effect on crowns, bridges, veneers or false teeth.

II. My Keeth teeth whitening kit

Keeth offers you a complete and reusable at-home kit to whiten your teeth. Keeth whitening kit contains: a 10mL whitening gel syringe, two thermoformable gutters, a mini LED lamp to hasten the teeth whitening, an anti-stain spray, a chart of tooth shades and directions for use.
The thermoformable gutter is similar to a professional one made by a prosthetist and used by a dentist. Unlike the universal gutter, it perfectly fits to your jaw after being softened by warmth and cast on your teeth. Thanks to the gutter, the gel will be spread evenly to make your teeth whiter.
The charcoal powder gently and naturally polishes your teeth, so you’ll get the original whiteness of your teeth back naturally. As for the whitening gel, thanks to a chemical process, the natural colour of your teeth will be whitened up to 7 shades.
A 10mL syringe can be used 5 times for effective results. So, a Keeth teeth whitening kit is reusable 5 times to get white teeth durably. Check the expiry date on the syringe.

III. And after ?

If you notice white stains on your teeth, don’t worry! It is possible that the whitening gel might have not been spread evenly. Make sure you spread it evenly in the gutter. Press the gutter against your teeth to make sure that the whitening gel comes completely into contact with your teeth. Despite of these precautions, it is possible that some stains may still appear. This is actually due to tartar residues that are preventing the gel from working on the entire tooth. Go to your dentist for a descaling and try the teeth whitening again the stains should disappear after that.
It is possible to eat and drink three or four hours after your teeth whitening. Make sure to reduce your consumption of products like coffee or tea to preserve the whiteness of your teeth. Do not forget to clean your mouth properly after using the whitening gel.
To get remarkable results, you can use Keeth whitening kit twice in a row the first time, then you can whiten your teeth once a day for a week until you get the shade you want. You can whiten your teeth once a month to preserve a beautiful white smile all year long! It is recommended to adjust your teeth whitening uses to your consumption of staining foods and drinks, to your goal as for your teeth shade and to your oral hygiene.
From the first use, you’ll be able to notice that your teeth are whiter, whatever your original tooth enamel colour is. The results are more remarkable after the fourth use!

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