Données personnelles et cookies

Keeth respects your concerns about the privacy of information and personal information that are processed during your visit on our Website. Thanks to this charter, you’ll learn more about how we use your information when you visit our Website, and about your rights.  

 Amendments of the charter 

We may amend this charter from time to time. In this event, you’ll be informed via additional notifications.  

We recommend you to read this Privacy Policy and Cookies whenever you get in touch with us to stay informed about our privacy policy and to keep informed about how we control the use of your personal data and how we protect your privacy. 

This charter describes how Keeth uses the information gathered about you when you are browsing on It allows you to know the origin and use of navigation information collected using cookies, and to exercise your options and rights you have under applicable legislation concerning the protection of personal data. 

Therefore, this charter is therefore important for you, if you want to have a positive and trustworthy experience using our services, and for us, as we want to answer accurately and entirely to your questions and take your requests into account. 

This charter completes the “General Terms and Conditions “ of the Website and is applicable to all personal information and navigation data collected and processed during your visit in our Website. By using our Site, you declare that you accept the terms of this charter. 

 You can also contact us if you need any information. 


1. General information 

Keeth may have to collect personal data that you give when you create your account via this Website. 

The personal data collected by  Keeth are gathered, processed, registered , and kept in appliance with the legal terms in force in France 

2. Right to have access to, to rectify, to delete and to appeal against the data processing 

You have the right to have access to, to rectify, to delete your personal data, as you can appeal against your data processing, at any time, sending a message to the following address:  

3. Personal data management 

3.1 How data are gathered 

When you create an account on our Website, we gather the data via the form provided thanks to the inserts in the “Register” section. Thus, Keeth can gather  your title, name, first name, address, postcode, phone number, nationality, e-mail address, IP address, the first page you visited and the last one, and the number of views.  

The information that we gather, and that are necessary to meet your requests are marked with an asterisk on the forms. If you do not provide information on this mandatory fields, we may not be able to answer to your requests.  

Eventually, when you are browsing on our pages, Keeth’s IT server automatically identifies your user’s IP address ( it’s the specific number that identifies every computer connected to the Internet). The IP address has the following template: XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX, or your phones’s UDID (it’s the number that allow to identify the model of the phone that is connected the Internet. The UDID is made of 40 letters). 

3.2 Purposes of personal data processing 

Your personal data, collected during your visit are necessary so that : 

– The Internet user can have access to some services offered or organized by Keeth through its site (eg: Newsletters, games …). 

In addition, your data may be used; respecting your rights, in order to inform you by email of Keeth’s offers. 

We can also have the right to gather  and publish generic information about the profiles of visitors in our site without giving personal data such as names and addresses.  

We may also gather statistical information in order to know how the visitors use our Website (frequency, statistics on the origin of visitors on the Site, etc.). 

3.3 Data storage

Data are stored for no longer than is necessary for the purposes for which they were gathered. 

Visitors’ personal data will be kept in the database for the time necessary to fulfil the purposes of the processing as described above. 

3.4 Recipients of data 

The personal data gathered via the Website may be given to our partners to fulfil the goals stated below, and to manage marketing operations made by Keeth or its partners. Internet users are informed that their personal data may be given to companies in countries that do not ensure an appropriate protection, in compliance with the Directive 95/46/EC. In this event, Keeth has concluded with the recipients concerned, agreements to ensure an adequate protection, in compliance with the contractual terms validated by the European Commission and the CNIL. 

3.5 Security and confidentiality 

Keeth has implemented everything to put in place all useful precautions to preserve the confidentiality and security of the personal data processed and prevent them from being skewed, damaged, destroyed or to prevent unauthorized third parties from having access to them. Technical and organizational security measures, including information systems security, have been implemented. However, the company does not control all the risks linked to Internet using and would like to draw visitors’ attention to the existence of possible risks inherent in its use and functioning.   

4. Cookies 

4.1 What is a cookie ?

A cookie is a  file that may be stored in a provided space on the hard disk of your device* when you use your browser to have access to an online service. A cookie file allows its sender to identify the terminal in which it is stored, during the period of validity or registration of the cookie. 

* The Terminal designates the hardware equipment (computer, tablet, smartphone, etc.) that you use to have access to a website, application, advertising content, etc. 

4.2 The Cookies we use on our site 

When you visit our Website, we may have to , subject to your choices, to install various cookies in your Terminal, allowing us to recognize the browser of your Terminal during the validity period of the cookie concerned. 

The Cookies that we issue allow us to : 

-to establish statistics and visitor statistics and how the various elements of our Website are used (sections and content views), enabling us to improve the interest and ergonomics of our services; 

– to adapt the Website design to the display settings of your terminal (language used, display resolution, operating system used, etc.) during your visits on our Website, depending on the hardware and viewing or reading software that your Terminal includes; 

-to store information given through a form that you have filled out on our Website (registration or access to your account) or to products, services or information that you have chosen on our Website (service chosen, contents of a cart, etc.); 

-to allow you to access provided and personal areas on our Website, such as your account, thanks to IDs or data that you may have previously given to us; 

-to implement security measures, for example when you are asked to reconnect to a page or service after a certain time. 

4.3 Cookies used on our Website by third parties 

The using of cookies by third parties is subject to the privacy policies of those third parties. We inform you about the purpose of the cookies of which we are aware of and how you can to make choices regarding these cookies. 

We may include on our Website apps from third parties, which allow you to share content on our Website with others or to let other people know about the content of our Website. This is particularly the case for the ‘Share’ and ‘Like’ buttons on social networks (such as ‘Facebook’, ‘Twitter’, etc.). 

The social network providing such a button application is likely to identify you through this button, even if you did not use this button when you visited our Website. Indeed, this type of application button may allow the social network concerned to follow your visit on our Website, because you were logged in to your account on your Terminal (open session) during your visit on our Website. 

We have no control over the process used by social networks to gather information concerning your browsing on our Website and linkedd with the personal data that they have. We invite you to consult the privacy policies of these social networks in order to see the purposes of use, including advertising, of the browsing information they may gather via these application buttons. These privacy policies must allow you to exercise your right of choice on these social networks, particularly by setting up your accounts for on each of these networks. 

4.4 Your cookies managing 

You have several options for managing cookies. Any settings you may make will be likely to modify your Internet browsing and your conditions of access to certain services requiring the use of Cookies. 

You may choose at any time to express and modify your requests regarding cookies, by the means described below. 

You can configure your browser software so that cookies are stored in your Terminal or, on the contrary, so that they are blocked, either systematically or according to their originator. You can also configure your browser software so that the acceptance or rejection of cookies is given to you from time to time, before a cookie is likely to be stored on your Terminal.   

(a) The Cookie Agreement 

The registration of a cookie in a Terminal is essentially subject to the will of the Terminal user, which the latter may express and modify at any time and free of charge through the choices offered by his browser software. 

If you have accepted in your browser software the registration of cookies in your Terminal, the cookies integrated in the pages and content that you have consulted may be temporarily stored in your Terminal. They will only be readable by their originator. 

(b) Refusing Cookies 

 If you refuse to save cookies in your Terminal, or if you delete those saved there, you will no longer be able to have access to numerous functionalities that are still necessary to browse in some pages on our Website. This would be the case if you tried to access our content or services that require you to log in. This would also be the case if we or our service providers could not recognize, for technical compatibility purposes, the type of browser used by your Terminal, its language and display settings or the country from which your Terminal appears to be connected to the Internet. 

In this event, we cannot be held responsible for the consequences of the malfunctioning of our services resulting from the impossibility for Sephora to register or to have access to the cookies necessary for their functioning that you have refused or deleted. 

(c) How do you choose, depending on the browser you are using? 

For the management of cookies and your choices, the set up of each browser is different. It is described in the “help” section of the menu of your browser, which will allow you to know how to modify your setting concerning cookies. 

For Internet Explorer™ :, 

For Safari™ :, 

For  Chrome™ :, 

For Firefox™ :, 

For Opera™ :, 

4.5 If you share the use of your terminal with other people

If your Device is used by more than one person and if the same device has more than one browser, we cannot have the guarantee that the services and advertisements intended for your Device correspond to your own use of that device and not to that of another user of that Device. In this event , sharing the use of your Terminal with others and configuring your browser’s cookie settings is your free choice and your responsibility. 

5. Data using 

Keeth will not transfer or sell personal data to non-affiliated third parties and non-partners unless we have previously informed you in messages, agreements or through information available on the Website, or you if have expressly given your consent or as required by law. If Keeth is required by law or by a judge to communicate personal data about you, Keeth will inform you (unless the Company thinks that it is not authorized to do so, particularly regarding the legal or judicial obligations that may fall to Keeth).  Considering the technology, particularly those generally applied to telecommunications networks, Keeth can not guarantee the confidentiality, security nor authentication of emails that you send to, or receive from Keeth. 

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