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Teeth whitening: how to make it last

You have recently whitened your teeth and you are wondering how to keep this new dazzling smile?

Keeth is giving you some simple advice. 

One of the basics after a teeth whitening: avoiding all the foods and drinks that cause stains. Red berries, curry, sodas, coffee… lovely flavours, yet, but not so lovely for your teeth!  

If you are a coffee or a soda-addict, don’t panic:

you may simply use a straw to drink. Using straws will avoid a prolonged contact between these drinks and your teeth, that are going to stay whiter, longer.  

It is obvious that you also have to keep an impeccable dental hygiene. Sure, you are now proud of your beautiful bright smile, but it’s not a reason to rest on your laurels and neglect your hygiene, is it? Regular toothbrushing, mouthwash, dental floss… good habits to preserve the whiteness of your teeth.  

You can integrate whitening toothpaste or other whitening products – natural if possible- in your daily routine to keep your teeth white without damaging them.

Keeth can provide you with this whitening mint-flavoured toothpaste, or 100% natural products and kits to extends the results of your teeth whitening. 

Eventually, preserve your smile doing regular at-home teeth whitening. It’s not complicated:

Our whitening gel refills are here to help you in preserving your pearly whites all year long.

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