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6 good habits to get you healthy and perfect white teeth

A dazzling smile and a good dental health are not things you get in the snap of a finger! We have already told you about food and drinks you should avoid for a perfect smile. Now let’s focus on good daily habits you should have to get you healthy and perfect white teeth. Small actions that make a big difference!

1. Regular tooth brushing

  A basic rule for shiny and healthy teeth! It is recommended to brush your teeth at least twice a day, for 2 minutes minimum. Choose a fluoride toothpaste. Eventually, use a mouthwash, that’s even better for your teeth.  

2. Drink, drink, drink…!  

It’s not only important to stay hydrated. Drinking water regularly, especially after having a little snack, washes the acid away, and flushes food residues, which is a good way to prevent dental plaque and cavities.  

3. Eat high-fiber food 

They are good for your health and they contribute in reducing the dental plaque! Among the things you should add to your next shopping list: apples, celery, raw vegetable or even coconut. 

When eating these, you chew more than usual, which produces more saliva to clean your mouth and maintain the acid-base balance. 

Bonus: as for dairy products, their calcium and protein contents strengthen your gums and enamel.  


4. Oil pulling  

Have you ever heard of it? It comes from the traditional Indian medicine. It’s a 10 to 15-daily-mouthwash with vegetable oil (coconut, sesame, olive…)

Yeah, we know: it seems a bit disgusting to have oil in your mouth, but you’ll enjoy numerous benefits using  this 100% natural mouthwash: bacteria and dental plaque removed and, healthier and shinier teeth, less gingivitis and bleeding gums.  

5. Using 100% natural whitening products 

There is nothing better than natural products to whiten your teeth smoothly. Vegetable coal is THE must-have of natural whitening products: it polishes your teeth and clean the stains without altering your gums or teeth. You can also use a toothbrush which bristles are infused with charcoal. A routine that is eco and tooth friendly! Wanna try ? Do not hesitate to check our 100% kits and natural products HERE.  

6. Going to the dentist for an annual check up 

Something that is often forgotten! Going to the dentist for a check up at least every 6 months will allow you to get a teeth cleaning, and make sure you don’t have any gingivitis nor cavity that threatens your dental health. 

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